Hull Innovative System H.I.S.

H.I.S. is a exclusive technology used in the development and production of Ranieri boats. H.I.S. features a step which creates an air cushion under the hull to ease the handling, allow quicker acceleration, reduce the fuel consumption and increase the boat stability and performance. In the Ranieri range, the step has been adopted on all models starting from 18 ft up tp 30 ft

The story of Ranieri

Ranieri began boat production at the end of the 1960’s. The business is managed by Pietro Ranieri, Father of Salvatore and Antonio.

By the end of the 1970’s Pietro established MOTONAUTICA F.LLI RANIERI S.R.L. the first association of the RANIERI group.

Pietro Ranieri personally takes care of every step of the production process and thanks to him, Motonautica F.lli Ranieri is well known on the market as a leader capable of creating high quality boats and technological innovations.

Being a family business, they pay particular attention to detail, as it’s their family name on every boat. The combination of technological philosophy, design and working experience results in a lifelong knowledge of boat manufacturing. These attributes have afforded Ranieri  in to being  a winning product, which beside performance and style has reached high levels of reliability, structural robustness, but most of all comfort.

MOTONAUTICA F.LLI RANIERI select the best manufacturing materials from around the world, this is thanks to an organised purchase centre directly managed by Pietro Ranieri. The choice of materials and the studies carried out on every item used in the productive cycle guarantee the market a product of excellent quality.

The secret of their success lies in the family team. Father Pietro Ranieri and his sons Salvatore and Antonio work together to create sports boats of utmost quality, style & comfort..